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  • Located at the Department of Family Medicine at the Boston Medical Center, 850 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA.

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Parking Information
There are several options for parking. 
  1. There is onstreet parking at available meters. The meterpeople ticket every 2 hours religiously until 6PM, so you are taking your chances if you come early.
  2. There is a parking garage on Albany St. (on the opposite side of the Menino Building near the Emergency Dept.) which is more pricey, especially after 5 hours. (In the $25 range for 5 hours) 
  3. There is also valet parking. They charge $10, are right at the front door of the Menino Building and are the best deal in town...

Hours of Operation
Clinic starts at 4:00 with a 1 hour lecture followed by 4 hours of scheduled patients in the clinic. Clinic is scheduled to end at 9:00 pm.